Kendrick Perkins’ Broadcasting Career: A Big ‘Ol Case Of The ‘Shoulda Knowns’


By Jordan Capozzi (@JordanDCapozzi)

We are just months into the ~illustrious~ broadcasting career of former NBA menace center Kendrick Perkins. 

At the same time, we may be just months away from the end of the broadcasting career of Kendrick Perkins.

The 35-year-old Perkins is currently (for now) employed by ESPN as an NBA analyst, and he’s already made some questionable decisions on social media.

LMFAOOOOO wtf is kendrick perkins on— ????????????????????⁷⁷✭ (@BowlBol) January 23, 2020

YEEEEEEESH! You just can’t do that Perk. You can’t take it there. Now am I convinced that the account he tweeted this at is real?… To be honest, I’m not. This seems like one of those fake accounts created to stir the pot. Especially when Mr. Johnson is posting stuff like this:

When your black friend calls you his n word for the first time ????— Samurai Johnson (@SamuraiJohnson2) November 20, 2019

All blatant racism aside, this isn’t the only time Kendrick Perkins has ruffled some feathers on Twitter. He already pissed Enes Kanter off by suggesting the Celtics trade for a center.

Don’t do drugs kids!— Enes Kanter (@EnesKanter) January 23, 2020

He also made Kevin Durant just a little bit angry a couple weeks before this… Although to be fair, that’s not all that difficult if you have internet access and an opinion.

KD lost in the second round without Russ when I was there. So what that mean?— Kendrick Perkins (@KendrickPerkins) January 9, 2020

There’s no way we could have seen this behavior coming though, right? Perk was such a gentle giant in his playing days. He’s really not the guy to get involved in drama for no reason.

Okay wrong again. Here’s the thing though. CRAZY = GENIUS. Everyone is going to get on Kendrick Perkins because they’re jealous. He’s always right. People hate Tom Brady. People hate the New York Yankees. People hate Duke Basketball. Why? Because all they do is win! That, and that alone, is precisely the reason people are always fighting with Perk. And when he is wrong, at least he admits it.

Kendrick Perkins at the end of today’s episode on The Jump apologized to Lonzo Ball for calling him a bust but then added this nonsense: “In my defense, we had to criticize him and Alvin Gentry had to put him on the bench for him to come out and start producing.”

Oleh Kosel (@OlehKosel) January 9, 2020

Whatever. As long as he’s a chill, humble guy, then it’s all good. Nothing worse than a broadcaster who can’t put their ego aside. And if there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that Kendrick Perkins won’t let us down on that front. I am without a doubt, absolutely, certa-

.@KendrickPerkins: “I keep trying tell people, Doc hurt my career, I was supposed to be an All-Star but he made me into a role player at the age of 24”— Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) December 19, 2019

But at least he was good on the court, right? At least he can provide some expert analysis?… Please show me something. Show me ANYTHING. 

Alright. I give up. I guess for every Tony Romo, there’s a Kendrick Perkins. On the bright side, at least Kendrick Perkins seems to have turned the corner and squashed his beef with KD after the Kobe Bryant tragedy.

Just wanted to tell you I Love you my brother and whatever I did to hurt you I’m sorry bro and hope you forgive me!!! I love you bro real Talk! @KDTrey5— Kendrick Perkins (@KendrickPerkins) January 26, 2020

You’ve gotta respect that. 

Mr. Perkins… May I call you Kendrick? No? Okay, totally understandable. If you’re reading this… all jokes man. All jokes! All love! I’m just a short dude who had hoop dreams and now works in sports media. Please don’t hurt me! I loved your work in OKC! MVP! MVP! MVP!  – JC

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