New Lebron James Fake News Article Features Immediate XTrade App

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Scam Alert! It has come to our attention that the king himself Lebron James is being used to promote a new get-rich-quick scheme named “Immediate XTrade AI“. The fake news article makes outlandish claims about how King James uses this software in order to generate “thousands of dollars” on a daily basis.

The scammers even take it a step further and say that James is planning his retirement soon and this trading app is a part of his exit plan. The use of celebrities and wealth gurus for promotions purposes is not a new trend. However, when it is done without permission and used in a highly deceptive matter in order to scam victims then it becomes a serious problem.

This is true because people tend to believe what recognizable public figures say. This is true for celebrities, wealth gurus, politicians, or high profile athletes like Lebron James. Generally speaking, if you are unsure or hesitant about providing your credit card details to any service, you may want to conduct a bit of research or read product reviews. Our staff does it on a regular basis. This will surely save you a pretty penny.

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