New App Claims To Be An NBA “News Spy”

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A new software is being touted on social media these days as a software which acts as a king of News Spy which scans the sports pages and generates winning picks on key games. In reality, this service is a bogus cryptocurrency trading app which was recently exposed by a website named scam crypto robots.

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The News Spy Facebook

The app asks you to enter a Facebook fan page and then uses the information you enter to run exploits on key websites. The NBA News Spy is also being marketed as a crypto trading app, but that is a kind of spinoff from the original scams the con-artists have been using. In its secondary version this app is advertised as a kind of software which scans the markets for news and updates and recommends profitable trades.

All formats of the News Spy are scam as this has already been proven, and the information about NBA picks is bogus and in many cases non-existant.


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