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NBA Marcus Morris – Kawhi Leads the Way

NBA fans, what is the latest buzz on NBA rookie Morris “The Kid” Hewitt? He has been drafted by the Sacramento Kings. Is he a point forward or a shooting guard? The Kings needed a guard so they could move Rajon Rondo to the bench and put a player with his shooting skills on the floor. I’ve heard all the reasons why they took him over rookies like Evan Turner and Anthony Davis, but let’s discuss why the Kings took Morris and why some draft experts have him going as high as first overall pick in the NBA draft.


The first reason why this kid is so good at the NBA draft is because he plays defense. He has great athleticism and can play the ball well around the perimeter. He’s not a great shooter, but he is a good on-ball defender that can help his team in many ways. If he could only stay on the court for one year, he would be a great starter and a great contributor to his team.

Another good thing about Morris is that he is not selfish. He will do whatever it takes to make his team as a whole a better unit. That shows that he is a winner understands the game of basketball, unlike some young stars that show more selfishness and don’t seem to understand the game at all.

He has an interesting personality that some people love and others hate. Some love his hard work ethic and his ambition to be a great player in this league. Other people think of him as a spoiled brat that needs to be constantly cared for and told what to do. What you choose to believe is really up to you.

One of the best parts about Morris is that he is not the type of player who will settle for second best. If the Nets need a guard, they should take Kawhi. If they need a small forward, they should take Marcus Camby. If they need a shooting guard, they should take Darius Miller or Chase Budinger.

It is also interesting to see NBA players draft the type of player they want. Most of them go with a player that fits their style of playing, which makes sense. However, Morris is obviously more of a natural fit with the Nets, and he might be able to turn into that dominant force on the team that Deron Williams may be able to’t create.

The Nets need someone who can stretch the defense and create shots for other people. They need a young stud that can block shots and hit shots. They need someone who can make the other team pay if he is forced to go to the basket. Most of the younger players aren’t going to provide that type of presence, at least not right away. That is where Kawhi comes in. He is still young, just entering his prime, but at some point he is going to be an excellent defensive player for this team.

The Nets will lose some games with Morris, but the emergence of Kawhi will change the course of things. The youngsters and rookies on the Nets don’t have the same kind of swagger that those that have played in the NBA’s biggest leagues have. They may not be as talented, but they sure are more confident. That will be true of just about every player that makes the transition from the minors to the majors.

The Nets have been loaded with young talent, but it hasn’t always been able to put it all together. They lack a few key pieces, particularly on the wing, that have been the core over the years. It has been a big part of the team’s failures over the past couple years. Now that one of the top prospects in the draft, Kawhi, has finally arrived, they have a chance to put everything together.

There are obvious questions that remain, such as who will guard the future Hall-of-Famer? Will anyone pick up Deron Williams’ leadership skills and continue to grow on the defensive end? What kind of player does he have in front of him, especially considering that Kawhi is so young and raw? All these questions remain unanswered, but one thing is for certain: The Nets will definitely have more fun when Morris is in the fold. Even if the final record isn’t what they want, at least they will be playing like a team with a very clear direction.

For the most part, NBA fans had the same reaction when news of Morris was leaked. They were excited, but then disappointed, realizing that this was just another instance of the big name stars leaving town without a deal in hand. But this time, it seems that the Nets have actually done something substantial to keep their prospect happy. They didn’t spend lavishly or anything close to that. They simply gave Morris a great offer and a fresh start, which has helped him develop into one of the best young defenders in the league.

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