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NBA Chicago Bulls Tickets – Last Dance for the Chicago Bulls

One of the funniest sports quotes ever said by a Chicago Bulls player was given to Michael Jordan when he returned from his NBA retirement. The quote was, “You know you are the greatest.” That was Michael Jordan speaking to the media after he announced that he was returning to the NBA. Jordan then asked everyone to welcome him back and that he was looking forward to putting on his NBA pads and playing in the Eastern Conference. He was taken aback when the response was, “You are the greatest.”


It was a nice little send off by Michael Jordan before he headed back to his home in California. He might as well have said, “I’ve got the most famous woman in the world.” Nevertheless, the Bulls quickly got back in the game against the Detroit Pistons and proceeded to defeat the Pistons in what seemed to be a no win situation. They then lost to the Indiana Pacers in overtime and lost yet again in the NBA finals.

It was one of those situations where the Bulls did not play their hearts out and it cost them the game. They shot poorly and did not block shots well, turning the game into a shooting gallery. They also threw away numerous free throw attempts, committing eight turnovers and turned the ball over 16 times. Even Toni Klum, who is usually one of the brightest players on the team did not look his best, finishing with four points on just two shots. The Bulls turned the series against the Pistons in four games, but could not find a way to win in the end. The result left Chicago with just one playoff appearance in franchise history and lost in the first round again.

The Bulls headed into the offseason with one of the highest paid contracts in the history of the league. They had the money to sign most of the players that they wanted. But, due to cap space restrictions, most of those stars decided to go elsewhere. Injuries to key players forced Chicago to make some major changes, which included benching Peake and losing Paxson for the final game of the series. Paxson was a valuable player for Chicago, but he simply did not show what he can offer on the court. The Chicago Bulls are left with no real big-time stars, and that has fans wondering if this was the franchise’s last dance.

That may be stretching things a bit, but there is certainly a sense of urgency for Chicago to do something in the off season to turn things around. The Bulls apparently want to retain Wallace, but they have not offered him any type of contract since he re-signed with the Washington Wizards a few days ago. Expect the Bulls to once again offer Wallace a maximum offer, and hope that he bites. He is owed nearly $20 million, so even with him playing a minimal role, that still leaves quite a bit of money for Chicago. If Wallace decides to take a pay cut, that opens up an endless supply of young talent that will help build the Bulls into a serious contender in the Eastern Conference.

For now, the Bulls have to worry about what they’ll do with Wallace, who appears to be on the downside of his career. The Bulls have been linked to several trade rumors involving Wallace over the off season, but no one has come forward to say that they have actually had talks with Wallace. They did, however, release a statement saying that Wallace would miss “the entire training camp”.

With all that having been said, there is still time for Chicago to make a move, but it looks like it will be nothing substantial. Perhaps that is just the Bulls way. After all, this is supposed to be their last dance. It seems they are trying to be nice, but this could be the one year that they finally go all out. At the end of the day, the decision really does not lie on Chicago Bulls fans, but rather on Wallace, Paxson, and the front office. If these three do not perform up to expectations, then it’s going to be the end of the road for Chicago Bulls fans.

Remember when saying goodbye to the Chicago Bulls, that you only get one chance to make a final impression. Don’t blow it. Make sure you play your cards right, and if you get traded or waived, don’t let that define you as a person. Chicago Bulls tickets are not cheap, but they are still among the most reasonably priced in the NBA. Get your Chicago Bulls tickets now before it’s too late!

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