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Top 10 NBA Party Ideas For 2021

Every year the NBA has a top party boy as the birthday guy. This year is no different. The top NBA party boy is Blake Griffin. I am sure you have heard of him and he does play well for the Clippers. But how did he get to number one?


One of his buddies spilled a beer on him and he went ballistic. He picked up a chair and proceeded to crush another person’s head, earning him a six-game suspension and a hefty fine. The fine was reduced to a mere game appearance fee. In other words, he got slapped.

This led to a bunch of fans trying to claim ownership of him and his party. They wanted to throw a party at his home, rent out a basketball arena, and give him a gold star on his door. None of this actually happened though. He ended up getting scolded by his coach. The problem wasn’t that he was drunk but that he flipped out and acted unruly during the game. Nobody is criticizing Blake Griffin for getting himself into trouble.

What he did is part of sportsmanship. There is nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate a win. Some people don’t like that though. If someone celebrates after losing a game, it can be viewed as cockiness and there is a right and a wrong way to do it.

If you celebrate after losing, you might feel better about yourself, but that isn’t really what you are doing is it? If you lose a game, you should take the loss and learn from it. Celebrating will only make you feel worse about yourself. It’s a simple rule of thumb.

Some drunkards have gotten into big trouble for celebrating. Police officers everywhere aren’t happy with them because it makes them look bad. That is the whole point. You shouldn’t celebrate when you are drunk.

If you want to have a good time at your top 10 NBA party, avoid drinking. Some of the top players in the league also abstain from drinking to increase their performance. The worst thing they can do is have a party where they drink. They might put on some good music and invite their friends over, but then they can’t enjoy the party if they are drunk.

It might seem like a silly idea to have a top 10 list of drunk athletes. However, these people are considered heroes in their own eyes. If you don’t care about that, then you can have fun at your party. Just don’t forget to keep the list of drunk athletes off your top 10 list next year.

Everyone loves to talk about how floored Michael Redd was during the game. This happened during a crucial possession with two minutes left in regulation. Redd was arguably the best player on the team, and he lost the game. That loss earned the Philadelphia Flyers the series they lost in the finals to the Boston Bruins. The Flyers went on to lose the series in six games. There wasn’t much discussion about what went wrong, but it certainly caused an unforgettable party.

One of the funniest things I heard on the radio during the championship series was when the commentator mentioned that Redd should have asked for a double technical foul. Instead, he took off his uniform and ran around the ice to celebrate with his teammates. When he came back out, he was wearing only one shoe and had a beer in his hand. He probably couldn’t have been happier. Hopefully, he will have someone there to root him on in his new profession.

A game of drunk tanking is just plain fun. You can dress up as anyone from either team, if you’re good enough. You can even change into your favorite player’s jersey from that series. The best part is that you get to dress up as a fictional character from the time your favorite player became a reality TV star.

The party is usually held a couple of days after the game. Many of the same players are usually in attendance. If the season is long, you might even get to see them in action on television. You might be able to catch the game on a pay-per-view channel or on a network like HBO. Having a top 10 NBA party with Drunk Blake Griffin is sure to be lots of fun for all of your guests.

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