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Dion Waiters – Why Is It That Dion Waiters Are So Gummy?

Dion Waiters is a restauranteur who operates two restaurants in New York City. Both of them are located on Broadway in the West End of Manhattan. Waiters are his specialty, but what do we have to wonder about the other food joints that might be responsible for a gummy overdose?


The restauranteur himself has admitted that he loves the gummy snacks that his Waiters serve. It’s not the only thing that makes him happy. He also mentioned that it’s the quickest way to feed a group of people. So then, just how did a gummy bear end up in Dion Waiters’ food carts?

Waiters aren’t the only ones that love gummy bears. They’re a popular delicacy among young and old alike. You might have even caught yourself eating them while you were out on the town. Of course, not everyone in the restaurant industry knows about the gummy bear craze. That is why this news is being reported on the New York media.

There must be something special about the Waiters of Dion Waiters that have gummy appetites. It must be something that comes from their Mom’s womb. That is the latest news out of New York. As you can imagine, concerned citizens are filing suits against this fine establishment. If Waiters had gummy appetites, it would be much simpler to remove the problem with Mom’s help. But Dion Waiters does not have Mom’s help, so what do you do?

The concerned citizens are filing complaints with the state health department. That may sound good, but it could backfire on the restauranteur, too. He or she may be ordered to pay for the medical expenses and the damages caused by the soda spills and the like, when a customer has a gummy bear stuck between their teeth and can’t easily spit it out. The restauranteur will find that they’re out of pocket money, plus there’s the potential reputation damage to the business.

What’s a New York Waitress to do? She can refuse to work any more pizzas, but that would ruin the reputation of this fine dining establishment. She can also refuse to do any more food service at all, but that also could spell disaster for the rest of the Waiters’ jobs. Waiters at Dion Waiters must rely on those gummy bears they’re asked to bring home from the pizzas.

This isn’t the only story that is finding its way onto the news this week. A waiter was found dead in his restaurant, the owner of which is being questioned for negligence. After the waiter’s body was found, the waiters discovered that the gummy bear he’d been eating had indeed killed him. This, apparently, was too much for one gummy bear, who bit the waiter right in the arm as he walked out the door.

This, evidently, is just the type of catastrophe waiting waiters in small, fine dining restaurants face on a daily basis. They’re expected to provide for the customers, but at the same time be willing to help themselves. That means that the customers may end up eating a little too much. This, sadly, is the reality that many small businesses find themselves dealing with on a daily basis. It’s the business part of life, though, and you can probably understand the reasons behind it.

When waiters are under pressure, they tend to overeat. There are plenty of cases out there where people have accidentally walked out of a restaurant with extra food, or have eaten a bunch more than they were supposed to. Because the food itself tastes so good, people aren’t too concerned about the calories, but they are willing to forego personal hygiene in favor of more food. This can lead to all kinds of problems for restaurants, especially those who are just starting out, because they don’t know the warning signs to look for when their waiters are getting over-stuffed.

This all sounds like a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have gummy waiters at your restaurant, you need to take action before things get worse. Make sure you’re taking a few simple steps to ensure that your waiters are eating a healthy meal. These simple steps can prevent gummy overload, and can give you peace of mind that your customers are getting the proper nutrition they need.

By avoiding gummy overload in the kitchen, you’ll be able to keep your waiters feeling full without gaining an unnecessary number of pounds. This is especially important because gummy diets can be very hard to break. If you have noticed an increase in gummy overdoses in your restaurant, contact a medical provider right away. Make sure your waiters are getting the nutrition they need, not causing themselves severe medical problems.

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