Nba jamal murray should be proud of his sex tape


NBA Slam Dunk: Tajiri Should Be Proud Of His Sex Tape

NBA rookie Michael Redd has a problem, the league’s latest sexual harassment scandal – he needs to be more careful with his moves. It appears that Michael Redd will need to take some time away from the court to re-arrange his priorities. But what does that have to do with his sex tape?


The Orlando Sentinel’s Arindra Daya speculates that NBA Jamal Murray should be proud of his sex tape. After all, the league’s latest in-house problem is about to get worse. We don’t know how the organization is going to address the widespread calls for firings, harassment complaints and other scandals surrounding owner Sentaniel Mosquito and his assistants. If there is another incident involving an employee, it could be a recipe for disaster.

Can you blame the man for using his private moments on the job as fodder for porn movies? Surely he realized his mistake when he decided to release the tape. Why else would he have gotten caught? Plus, the whole thing raises questions about how those other employees are feeling. Will they be disciplined if they end up on the same sex tape?

If NBA Jamel Murray should be proud of his sex tape, one thing is for certain: Other people will use the tape to further hurt his reputation and his ability to land future jobs. It’s bad enough that he was caught on camera with a woman who is not his wife. Now the world will know he slept with this woman, too.

So what should the NBA’s most exciting player do now? One possibility is to drop the tape all together. Some league officials are suggesting that he simply give the league the tape and leave it at that. However, NBA officials aren’t so sure about that, either. They believe that the tape will still hurt his credibility and could cause long-term trouble between him and the league.

So what should NBA Jamel Murray be proud of? One way is to ignore the scandal and continue playing at a high level. The wild uproar over the tape has caused a lot of distractions for Murray, but this is the real problem. If he were to quit now, he’d instantly lose the free agent leverage he needs to be a very good free agent come draft time. Plus, he’d be viewed as a player who was involved in an illegal activity – which will lead to more jail time for him, although that seems to be the result no matter what anyone says.

Now is the time for Murray to prove to the league and the fans that he’s got serious business on his mind. He needs to show that his career is still on course to reach the point where he can be traded to a contender. He also needs to prove that he’s a good professional, worthy of being in the NBA and having an All-Star career. He needs to put up big numbers again – after all, he was one of the best scorers in the league last season, averaging 18 points per game. His shooting percentages are decent, too, so the Bucks need to continue finding ways to get him the ball in the paint.

The Bucks won’t do that if Murray continues to act like he’s suspended indefinitely. As a member of the team, he should know that his actions – and the tape – are going to have long-term effects. Whether it’s because of the controversy or not, the Bucks need to move on. Even if the rest of the NBA sees the tape and all agree that it’s wrong, it will still have an impact on Murray’s trade value, especially given how teams view players caught in the act. So, for now, slam dunk.

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