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NBA Celtic Giannis Antigua And Rashard Lewis Are Unbeatable

NBA Celtic jerseys are not a craze. Even if they are hot, it’s not because the NBA is having a great season. It’s because fans of Cleveland sports are crazy about Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters.


The Cavs put the finishing touches on an unbelievable run last month. They cruised through the first round with a series of come-from-behind wins. Now they’re in the NBA Finals for the third straight year. The series will be played in Boston. The Celtics will face the Heat.

The Cavs need every advantage possible to take the series against the six-time defending NBA champions. The Heat are known for their enormous athleticism. But the Cavs can’t make the same mistakes that the Heat made. And they also have an exceptional defender in Lebron James.

When the series opens in Boston, the first tipoff will come from the top of the floor. The Heat match up perfectly with the defending Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers. The question becomes, can the Cavs stop the potent attack of the Celtics? The series is a fascinating one. Who will win in this crucial first-round match up?

Injuries have always been a factor when it comes to NBA playoff games. Cleveland’s Larry Hughes missed the first three games of the series due to an ankle sprain. He is expected to be ready for the second round. The Cleveland frontcourt has been very depleted by the trades that the Jazz made. They traded their best players in Allen Iverson and Rashard Lewis to get healthier players like Tayshaun Price and Darius Miles. That created a void in the paint that the Celtics couldn’t fill.

The Boston bench has depth issues too. Tayshaun Price was benched in the series opener due to an elbow injury. He is questionable for tomorrow’s game. The other big loss is Al Harrington, who was playing tremendous basketball coming into this series. He’ll have to get adjusted to playing without Terry Johnson, his usual three-point shot target.

The series is expected to go to Boston in six. The Celtics will bring the pressure to the Heat. The Heat have never beaten the Celtics in the past. The series is going to be a fantastic battle between two evenly matched teams. The outcome could have a huge effect on who takes home the NBA Championship. There are a lot of great storylines surrounding this series.

The playoffs are about more than just the champions. It’s about the journeyman players that no one ever heard of before that can change the series. The Boston Celtics have been through the entire Miami Heat series. Now they must go through the Detroit Pistons and the Charlotte Bobcats in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

The series has brought out the best in both teams. The Boston Celtics were able to pull out a victory in the first round by taking advantage of an injury to the Miami Heat’s starters. The Heat lost Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis to injuries. The Boston Celtics bench is loaded with All-Star caliber players. The only concern for the Celtics is how long can they sustain their hot streak?

In the series, the Boston Celtics looked unbeatable. They out played the Heat. They out performed the seven-game series by such a large margin that Miami needed to call upon their championship-caliber players to help get them over the hump. Playing a one-on-one game against the defending Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat, the Celtics put up a fight. Playing their heart out, the Celtics defeated the Heat by a score of 65-points.

During the series, the Celtics acquired the services of three-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul. He will be coming off the bench to help boost the energy of the team. Up until now, no one in the NBA has been able to challenge for the title as easily as Paul has. The point guard position is not as easy as most people think. You have to be able to make quick decisions under pressure, pass the ball, rebound, and protect the basketball. It takes a lot of skills to be a good point guard.

The Brooklyn Nets are going to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. The fact that the team is stacked with All-Star caliber players, the expectations are going to be high for this team. The playoff appearance will definitely bring the NBA fans out of their homes for one night.

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